Monday, February 10, 2014

New Website

Ok, due to problems that we have not been able to get corrected with Google we have had to change our website to: 
Please go there to check out our new awesome website! Click on the blog to see what the Lord is doing in this ministry!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Get To Our New Website For Now......

We continue to have challenges with getting the domain switched over to our new location. For now just click on the link below to see our new awesome website! Click on the blog button at the top to see what the Lord is doing in this ministry! Hopefully we will have everything fixed soon!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Website Coming Soon

We have had some problems with our present website and are in the process of starting new! I must apologize to all of you that follow the site for not being able to keep it up. We are coming off of a very busy and productive 2013 year! Another reason for not having things updated was the fact that so many days by the time I got off the streets I was too beat to do anything else. We have been very productive in the Durham County Jail, the Holloway Street area, the Budget Inn area, McDougald Terrace, Hoover Road, ministering most murder and shooting sites and so much more! A key member of our team, Chris Ferrer is putting all the new website and blog combo together and he has told me that it will be much more user friendly! We thank all of you that helped us to do what we do with your prayers and finances.

Monday, August 19, 2013


We are so excited about getting into the building located at 1512 Holloway Street! A huge reason and an area that we will be working hard against is the massive heroin use that is going on amongst prostitutes and others in the area! When we first arrived in Durham the drug of choice was crack. As bad as it was and still is it is nothing compared to heroin! I am seeing it on nearly a daily basis. 
The dealers are no dummies in how they keep this traffic going either. What happens is after a while they are no  longer shooting up for the high, they are shooting up so that they do not have to deal with the awful sickness of not having the drug in their system. I have been around several lately that have to get out to the street to chase the "john or pervert" so that they can get the money to shoot up. The Budget Inn on Holloway is loaded with all the sin that this terrible drug produces!

It is absolutely awful to see all the kids around there while their mama's are partying and doing whatever, the kids are just out in the parking lot playing. I will stop and talk with the kids sometimes passing out burgers and sodas. It is so sad because this life seems natural to them. Their chances of having a good productive life are so slim. More than that, their chances of having Jesus in their life is so slim if we do not reach them. One guarantee is that if we do not reach them the devil is sure to get them!

At our new location we will be equipped with solid Christian rehab information to hopefully get these women off the streets and back with their families! Just recently I found the mother of three children that we had in church the Sunday before last. She was so strung out that she showed no sorrow at all as I spoke about her beautiful kids. She was so high on heroin that she could hardly hold her head up or walk!

This drug is such a life destroyer! It is so awful to see it in progress. Tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. I will be in court with one who was one of the roughest heroin addicts on the streets. Today I visited her in jail and without even saying anything to her she said "if I get out tomorrow like I am suppose to I want you to get me into a good Christian program! I have been ministering to this 29 year old woman for several years! To hear the words from her mouth today was such a blessing! She has talked about it before but I strongly feel that she has reached the end of herself and that she truly wants a personal relationship with Jesus! Please pray for Brandie! Please also pray for all those mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers that are out there on the streets of East Durham this very minute! Please all pray that the pimps and dealers will quit being instruments of Satan!